The Pesto Manifesto

In which the tome that deals with the First Challenge of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is revealed. The scribe of the book was Pesto, a midget created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The Pesto Manifesto, as it came to be known, was created by His Noodliness to aid in the battle of His First Challenge, as predicted by the omniscient Holy Monster.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Verse 87

On the creation of the Pesto Manifesto:

And the Flying Spaghetti Monster did create a stack of white oblongs and long blue cylinder, and gave them unto Pesto, saying "Pesto take this notebook, and this pen, for you will be the scribe of a very important book. This book shall be used in the time of my First Challenge, where doubters of the faith will attempt to disprove some of my Most Noodly Truths." Pesto responded, saying "OK cool".

After a short pause Pesto continued - "Master, I do not know how to read and write". And His Noodliness endeavoured to teach him the language of those who would issue the challenge, saying "A is for Alfredo, B is for bolognese, C is for Carbonara, ..."


At 2:16 PM, Blogger Sebastian Flyte said...

Let us deduce the rest of His Noodly Alphabet!

From careful reading of the texts, i think we can accept that D is for Dragoncello, to add flacour to the most excellent mushrooms, with cream.

I also believe that F is Fettucini, but am struggling a little bit from there. Anyone care to assist me in this theological exercise in honour of His Noodly Greatness?

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

P is, most definately for Penne, and A for Angel hair.

At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Bri said...

s for spaghetti, m for manacotti, l for lasagna?


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